Summer Fun: 4 Things You Can Do To Be Happy And Have Fun While Staying Sober

25 June 2015
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People who drink themselves to oblivion or take drugs until they pass out feel as if they are living the best life. However, there is plenty of fun to be had as a sober individual as life has a lot more to offer. Just remember that you will want to surround yourself with others who have struggled with alcohol or drug addiction in the past (like yourself) or individuals who have no use for drugs and alcohol. Otherwise, you may be putting yourself at risk. Now, if you're up for the sober life, here are a few things you can do with your friends this summer so that you can stay off the drugs and have a blast:

1. Hold a Movie Fest.

Whether it is a one-night thing or an entire weekend, inviting friends over for a movie marathon can be a real kick. Get together and choose some of your favorite movies and play them back-to-back. You can opt for a variety of genres, from horror to chick-flicks, or you can run a marathon of just horror or comedy films. Don't forget to have plenty of snacks!

2. Join Forces for Sports.

Sports are a great way to keep yourself busy and your mind off of your past addiction, while having a blast. There are so many sports out there that offer leagues that it won't be hard to find something that you'll enjoy. There is baseball and softball, football and soccer, and even basketball and bowling. You will not just have fun and possibly make new friends, but you'll get in some much-needed healthy exercise. Just remember, you are in it to win it!

3. Lend a Hand.

Volunteering can be a real win-win situation. You will reap rewards, as will the organization that you are volunteering for. There is a vast assortment or organizations that need help. You could consider offering caregiving and comforting services to the elderly, tutoring young children or feeding the homeless. You may even be able to jump in with your local community to help out around the local park. If you aren't sure what you might want to do, give them all a try and see which one fits you best and warms your heart the most.

4. Head to the Outdoors.

If sports aren't your thing, but you do enjoy the outdoors, then taking a summer hike may be just what you need. You can opt to do this on your own or with a group of your best friends. If a scenic hike doesn't sound interesting, you may enjoy yourself more out in the water on a kayak. Whatever event that you choose to take part in, the outdoors may be just what you need to invigorate your soul.

No one has ever said that dealing with a drug addiction (past or present) would be easy. When you know you need help, it is better to seek inpatient or outpatient drug addiction treatment sooner rather than later. It is a hard decision to make, but obtaining the help that you need will improve your self-worth and your health.