Getting Your First Girlfriend - It's Much Simpler Than You Think!

30 June 2015
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Getting your first girlfriend can be difficult if you view yourself as shy or socially awkward. Often you might wonder how to get her attention or make her like you back. Fortunately, the process of getting someone you're interested in to return your feelings isn't actually that complex. Here's how to get a girlfriend in 5th grade.

Show You Respect Her

Good relationships are built on respect, and a girl can't know that you respect her until you demonstrate it with your behavior. Here are a few do's and don'ts for making a girl feel valued.

Do ask for her thoughts and opinions. What is her favorite class? Does she have any hobbies? What did she think of the latest popular song or movie? While this is generally just making conversation, remembering the answers to these questions and bringing that up later will show her that you care enough to make a note of what she says.

Don't interrupt, talk over, or ignore her. It can be tempting to interject with your own thoughts when you're excited about the topic of conversation. It can also be tempting to tune out when you're bored. Both of these will make a girl feel like you don't value what she has to say, which can make her like you less.

Do compliment her work. If she scores well on a test or makes a painting in art class, you should congratulate her and show interest. Ask how long she studied or what inspired her work.

Don't dump meaningless praise all over her. While it's nice to be congratulated when you do well, compliments lose value if you apply them to everything. For example, if you tell her she has nice hair every day, she's likely not going to take other nice things you say about her appearance seriously.

Be Interesting

Getting a girl to notice you means standing out from the crowd. While doing just the minimum necessary to get by may be enough to keep you content, it doesn't make you very interesting to a potential girlfriend. Instead, liven up your life to draw her attention.

You can do this many ways. One good way is to take up a few hobbies like playing guitar, sketching, or folding origami. Explore new crafts and skills to find out if you have any hidden interests or talents, and share what you learn with others. Joining clubs or taking part in hobbies that the girl you like also does will give you a good way to get noticed and break the ice with her, as well.

Just Tell Her How You Feel

Feeling shy and socially awkward is incredibly common, and if you aren't careful it may spoil your chances. As long as you put off telling the girl you like her, you risk another person stepping up and getting to date her instead. Plus, even if you're going to get rejected, isn't it better to know that sooner rather than later? It will sure save you plenty of pining to ask her out early.

As long as you do your best to grab her attention and show that you value her, you'll have a decent chance of at least getting a date with the girls you like. Of course, sometimes a girl just won't be into you, no matter how interesting or respectful you are. While it can feel unfair and painful when this happens, just look on the bright side: now you're a marvelously interesting person and you're free to seek out other interesting girls to impress.