Getting Your First Girlfriend - It’s Much Simpler Than You Think!

30 June 2015
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Getting your first girlfriend can be difficult if you view yourself as shy or socially awkward. Often you might wonder how to get her attention or make her like you back. Fortunately, the process of getting someone you're interested in to return your feelings isn't actually that complex. Here's how to get a girlfriend in 5th grade. Show You Respect Her Good relationships are built on respect, and a girl can't know that you respect her until you demonstrate it with your behavior. Read More 

Summer Fun: 4 Things You Can Do To Be Happy And Have Fun While Staying Sober

25 June 2015
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People who drink themselves to oblivion or take drugs until they pass out feel as if they are living the best life. However, there is plenty of fun to be had as a sober individual as life has a lot more to offer. Just remember that you will want to surround yourself with others who have struggled with alcohol or drug addiction in the past (like yourself) or individuals who have no use for drugs and alcohol. Read More